Post 21 Memorial  

Memorial Brick Form If you are considering honoring your veteran with the purchase of a brick, please do not hesitate, as the funds need to be available as the construction progresses. 
There has been some confusion on what brick purchases can include, The person honored does not have to be from Clay County, (Those killed in action from Clay County, from all wars,  will be engraved in the granite face on each Branch). The person you are honoring on a brick, can be living or deceased, they can be active duty, retired, and from anywhere in the USA. The only requirement is that it must be service or memorial related
Memorial Brick Form: A large part of the funds needed to build this memorial, will be raised through the sale of engraved bricks.  Print this form to order an engraved brick to commemorate your service member's contribution to America's defense, you may also use this form to make a cash donation to the project. The brick you purchase with your donation, will be placed with other veterans' bricks in the appropriate Branch Section of the Post 21 memorial and will forever be a part of the memorial.

Thanks to those who have donated so far:


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